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Anuk Rocha, born in west Germany, is a Bosnian painter who lives and works in France. Her work has been exhibited by Blue Shop Cottage (UK), Soho Revue (UK), Galerie Kokanas (France) and Felt Collections (UK), amongst others, and published in Munchies magazine. 


Themes of ethnicity and alienation are recurrent in Anuk’s work. Spanning civilisations and styles from 19th century travelling circuses to the Nabis art mouvement, Anuk creates a drag language of recognizable symbols and characters pulled from fringe society and outsider culture. She blends dream and reality; warping perspectives and logic into her own mythology. Her painting practice involves constructing depth and dimension through the layering and scraping down of materials, collaging and mixing different media. Raw textures and expressive brushstrokes evoke the feeling of painterly freedom and liveliness.


06/2023                 Group Show, Felt Collections (London)

04/2023                 Artist Launch, Partnership Editions (London)

04/2023                 Group Show, Villa Noailles (Hyères)

02/2023                 Solo Show, Galerie Kokanas (Marseille)

10/2022                 "Collection 03", Felt Collections (London)

09/2022                 Festival Atome 33, Galerie Kokanas (Marseille)

06/2022                 Group Show, Soho Revue (London)

04/2022                 "Lettuce Loved the Rain", Janet Rady (London)

04/2022                "Works on Paper 4", Blue Shop Cottage (London)

02/2022                Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse (London)

12/2021                "Ce qui se voit encore", Galerie Kokanas (Marseille)


Donated artworks to the Art on a postcard Hepatitis Trust, the 2 postcards have raised 300£.

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